Trunks The Motor Memory Game


A game where players move their bodies, make sounds and perform actions from memory! TRUNKSᆴ has game play challenges for all abilities!Game play involves picking an Action Memory Card and performing the action depicted. Six categories of actions are involved including:

  • Musical You-encourages creativivity with motor actions that produce sounds.
  • Animal Sounds-asks players to mimic animal sounds..
  • Animal Motions-players move their bodies and demonstrate how animals move.
  • Sound Like-players recall and reproduce commonly heard sounds.
  • Pretend To-encourages imagination as players pretend to be someone else or pretend to be like someone else.
  • Show How-involves a step-by-step demonstration of an action requiring the player to create an original sequence.

As the game progresses, players pick additional Actions Cards and create their Memory Sequence. As they are successful they build their Trunk. The first player to acquire all 4-trunk sections to complete their Trunk is the winner.

The ability to perform individual actions may differ from child to child. Furthermore, the ability to memorize subsequent actions or sequences may vary as well. For this reason we've created a game with many variations that afford enjoyable game play for all ability levels.

Once upon a time a wise elephant thought,""Everyone should be able to have a trunk!"" Why not? Complete your ""TRUNK""and win the game!

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