Visual Sensory Tub

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Contains a whole range of bright attractive toys and effects which will encourage participation, movement,vocalization, hand-eye co-ordination, tracking skills and visual attention. Comes with a ‘Suggested Ideas of Use’ manual written by Alison Harris-Occupational Therapist. Size of tub: Contents (may vary): 1 x Waterfall Tube, 1 x Tai Chi Ball, 1 x Eco Lantern, 800mmW x 390mmL x 300mmH, 5 x Mini Spinners,2 x Dynamo Torches,1 x White Net,1 x Plasma Ball,1 x Triple Ooze Tube, 1 x Hand Held Mirror,2 x Jump Bean Motions-Blue and Red, 2 x Color Frames, 1 x Glitter Tube Large-320mm,2 x Wooden Magnifying Glass, 1 x Hand Held Infinity Tunnel,1 x Battery Powered Fuzz light–Red,3 x Softy Mirror Squares 3 x Body Brush Set-Round Mirror with Handle, 1 x Kaleidoscope with Magic Wand,1 x Mirror Diffraction Roly Poly, 3 x Space Blanket,3 x Juggling Scarves, 4 x Jumbo Water Wigglers,1 x Set of Light Diffraction Panels,2 x Glitter Tube Dinkies ,4 x Flashing Sponge Balls,1 x Magic Power Ball

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