Tactile Sensory Bag

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An exciting bag full of tactile resources to get your hands on! Everyone will enjoy exploring the textures and shapes: - squeeze the Goohey Mesh Balls, fiddle with the Tangle, press the Squidgy Fish, roll the Hedgehog Balls - lots of fun at your fingertips! Bag size: 450mmW x 350mmL. Contents (may vary): 1 x Drawstring Bag, 1 x Animal Massager,4 x Spiky Massagers,2 x Tangle Fuzzy,4 x Goohey Mesh Balls,3 x Zoompf Balls,6 x Squidgy Fish,4 x Smoothies,5 x Hedgehog Balls, 3 x Earth Ball,4 x Wriggly Centipedes,2 x Massage Rollers,1 x Icky Yicky Fuzzy Rainbow Ball

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