Workshop On Oral Placement Therapy - A 3 PART TREATMENT PLAN for ORAL PLACEMENT THERAPY



Oral Placement Therapy provides a comprehensive solution to a variety of speech and feeding issues, it utilizes a combination of:

  • Auditory stimulation
  • Visual stimulation and
  • Tactile stimulation to the mouth to improve speech clarity.


OPT is an important addition to traditional speech treatment methods for clients with placement and movement deficits.

It is a tactile-proprioceptive teaching technique which accompanies traditional therapy. Traditional therapy is primarily auditory and visual.

Clients with motor and/or sensory impairments benefit from tactile and proprioceptive components because speech is a tactile-proprioceptive act.

OPT is a unique hierarchical protocol for both therapist & Clients across all ages and diagnosis.


                    3-Part Treatment Plan for OPT- OPT Level 1                                                             

This introductory course to OPT (Oral Placement Therapy) is the foundation for TalkTools training and is integrated throughout all of our courses. OPT is a type of oral-motor therapy that targets specific movements needed for speech and feeding. The "3 parts" of OPT are: auditory and visual sensory systems COMBINED WITH tactile -- and propioceptive -- sensory systems.
TalkTools training applies a unique, hierarchical approach to OPT, focused on a measurable, results-driven path for both therapists and clients across all ages and diagnoses with the goal of:

  • Speech clarity
  • Improved feeding
  • Independence
  • Improved QUALITY OF LIFE

This interactive, hands-on course includes highly motivating activities targeting the abdomen, velum, jaw, lips and tongue. Techniques learned can be readily implemented across many therapy environments -- private practices, hospitals, schools and home.


  • Appropriately assess oral placement/feeding/speech problems based on muscle systems.
  •  Integrate hierarchies for motor dissociation and grading (jaw-lips-tongue).
  •  Plan programs of therapeutic intervention to address physiological and motor-based speech disorders.
  • Be able to apply at least 10 new therapy techniques.
  • Properly use oral placement techniques to improve individual speech clarity and production.


About the Speaker

Monica Purdy, MA, CCC-SLP has more than 14 years of professional experience specializing in helping children with special needs to communicate. Monica is PROMPT and SOS trained, familiar with sign language, and well-versed in the use of augmentative devices. She is the owner of Kids Abilities Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to her private practice, Monica is a member of the TalkTools® speakers bureau and has been invited to speak at numerous conventions and seminars across the U.S. and internationally. She is a graduate of Ball State University.

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