Ultimate Steplite

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The Ultimate Steplite uses the latest in LED technology allowing us to give you even more functionality than the standard Steplite. With a simple clap of your hands or any form of vocalization the Ultimate Steplite comes to life rewarding you with an impressive display of light. Alternatively, just fill the room with music and the Ultimate Steplite will respond accordingly depending on which program you choose. The Ultimate Steplite has the following features: High brightness LED’s to give a truly stunning range of vibrant colors, Never replace a lamp again with LED lights that last 30,000 hours, Speed, fade and sensitivity settings help fine tune the programs to suit each individuals needs and preferences, an extremely sensitive on board microphone where even a small noise is enough to activate the display, Plug in external microphone ideal for wheel chair users or quiet voices, Low profile case with a depth of only 90mm idea to slot into Soft play walls Some of the programs that are available to you are as follows: Automatic Sequence–no microphone response, Rainbow display working from bottom to top, Random display with microphone input, Colors building inwards from top and bottom, Colors building outwards from middle, Colors building from left to right. And many more! The Ultimate Steplite is a fantastic piece of equipment that every Sensory Room should have. A catalogue picture doesn’t really do justice to how visually stunning this piece of equipment is. Visit the website to see a video of the Ultimate Steplite in action. Comes complete with a microphone and operates on 240v transformed to a safe low voltage. Size: 1220mmH x 450mmW x 90mmD

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