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Duraband® is a revolutionary latex exercise band that’s sleek, one-inch width and straight length design makes it unique and less cumbersome to use.  For You, Inc. has its manufacturer use a layering process that allows Duraband® to be made thicker than traditional six-inch elastic therapy bands.  By binding multiple layers together, a tough, resilient band is formed, one of greater durability, hence the name Duraband®.  This layering process gives Duraband® far more resistance to edge tears and pinholes, which lead to the rupturing of the entire band.

Ease of use- Duraband® Rehab Systems can be used by all ages, anywhere, anytime.  For example, a 4 Band System is pre-packaged in a carrying case that measures 6² by 8² by 1.5² and weighs less than one pound.  Duraband® Exercise Handles allow the user to exercise holding a handle that has a form fitting great soft feel.  There is no comparison between holding a soft handle, verses wrapping a latex band around your hand.  More than one band can be easily snapped onto the handle for those cases where extra resistance is required.  This versatility makes it possible to create numerous levels of resistance, ideal for any age eight and older.

Ease of adjustment - Duraband® Exercise Bands come pre-attached to a specially designed clip and band-adjuster.  In addition, on each end of the band, medical rivets are attached eliminating the user’s fear of band slippage.  The clip allows the user to easily attach Duraband® to a fixed point of resistance.  No longer does a user have to deal with having to tie and untie cumbersome knots.  The band-adjuster allows a multitude of resistance settings to be created within the same band color.  It also allows for reproduction of the same resistance level at each exercise session.

Gradual length –strength elongation curve- The ratio of resistance vs. length is very gradual with Duraband®.  The modulus of elasticity that is achieved with Duraband® is so ideal, that it allows a smooth gradual increase in resistance to be delivered.  This quality is very important when exercising or rehabilitating.  A sharp rise in resistance could create an injury as well as exacerbate any existing conditions.

Less allergic- Duraband® is 99.998 % free of latex allergens (soluble proteins).

Ladies this is for you!  

LADIES can’t get to the Gym or you need to stay at home, don’t worry there is Dura-Band® - Dura-Band® Exercise Systems are great when time and child care issues are a concern. Exercise when you want, as long as you want in the privacy of your own home or for a workout in privacy of your office. If you need a quick workout or want to exercise a little all day. Dura-Band® can be set up anywhere. No clanking weights and plenty of resistance!

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Zero to minimal powder residue- unlike many six-inch latex exercise bands. Variable resistance levels- Duraband® is available in seven different resistance levels that vary by color for easy identification.  Resistance can be varied further by using two or three colors of Duraband® simultaneously.      This flexibility allows Duraband® to be the ideal resistance training system for the most fit to those who are not; from their homes, offices or during times of travel. Features and Benefits 

  • Durability due to multiple layers being bonded together
  • Increased resistance to edge tears
  • Greater elasticity
  • Increased user confidence
  • Resistance can be varied within the same band
  • Professionally illustrated exercises
  • Portable, come in their own carry bag
  • Preferred over other resistance bands, resistance band users,  both by athletes and non-athletes
  • Medical rivets eliminate fear of band slippage
  • Pleasing appearance, as well as a professional appearance
  • Pre-attached clips allow bands to be attached to various fixed points of resistance
  • Length of band can be adjusted without having to tie and untie knots
  • Can simultaneously use multiple bands
  • Hold soft foam handles rather than having to wrap band around hand
  • Increased user compliance to perform their prescribed exercises

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