Duration Tubes


  • Provide a visual cue for increasing controlled airflow
  • Help achieve prerequisites for horn, bubble and candle blowing hierarchies
  • Includes 3 Duration Tubes (colors may vary), 3 mouthpieces, 3 plastic balls, 3 puff balls, and TalkTools original instruction booklet

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Duration is a necessary component of speech, as it allows us to continue to vocalize or verbalize on a single exhalation. Duration is a goal we must address when working on improving oral airflow for abdominal grading in each of the air-for-phonation activities described in “Oral Placement Therapy for Speech Clarity and Feeding.” The Duration Tubes activity can provide the prerequisite skills for the Horn Hierarchy, Bubble Hierarchy and Candle Blowing Hierarchy. As you work through the hierarchies, your client will be required to use an increasing duration of airflow.

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