Windy Garden Sensory Tub

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The Windy Garden Sensory Tub contains everything you need to create a colorful, exciting and stimulating action garden where the slightest breeze sets everything in motion. Includes a wide range of Mobiles,Windsocks,Windmills,and Chimes which can be packed away in the sturdy wheeled tub provided. Size of Tub: 800mmW x 390mmL x 300mmH. Contents (may vary): 1 x Sturdy wheeled tub, 1 x Bee Windmill, 5 x Twister Trance glows,1 x Rattan Bamboo Chime,1 x Spiral Springs Bamboo Chime,5 x Windsocks,1 x Strawberry Fruity Windmill,1 x Ladybird Windmill,1 x Bamboo Chime Large, 6 x Glittering Windsocks, 3 x Sunflower Mobiles,1 x Pink Stork Mobile,1 x Blue Dolphin Mobile,3 x Rainbow Double Windmill,4 x Windmill Flowers,1 x Cockerel Weather Vane,1 x Parrot Mobile,1 x Tubular Bells Wind chime,1 x Rainbow Spinner.

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