UV Sensory Tub

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The UV Sensory Tub covers a wide selection of SpaceKraft’s UV products. Comes in a wheeled tub for easy transportation. This package offers a saving on the individual item price. Size of tub: 800mm x 390mm x 300mm. Contents (may vary): 1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub,3 x UV Capes, 1 x UV Bubbles,1 x UV Fur Mittens, 1 x UV Neon Scarf,1 x UV Spinner Mobile,1 x Balloon Ball,1 x Jingle Trainer Ball,1 x Pinpression,1 x UV Tube Ladder,1 x UV Glow Play Set,1 x UV Alphabet Letter Set,1 x UV Glow paper and Glow Pens,4 x UV Bead Shakers,6 x UV Glitter Batons,3 x UV Rattle Tubes,2 x UV Twist Tubes,3 x UV Shaker Tubes,2 x UV Granules Bags,4 x Magic Rods,1 x UV Lantern,1 x UV Roller Shaker Tube,1 x UV Linelite Tubing Selection

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