Musical Touch Wall & Touch Wall

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With eleven different programs to explore, the Musical Touch Wall is a fabulous magical wall panel which lights up with an ever-changing spectrum of colored LED light. Brush your hand over the Touch Wall to receive a rainbow wash of color and an auditory reward. Ideal for tracking, encouraging communication and color recognition. The Musical Touch Wall also incorporates a fully adjustable setting for speed, fade length, color and music volume to suit the needs and preferences of any user. Operates the following programs: Music Touch the circles to activate the eight elements of the music. Four music styles are available by adjusting the ‘Color’ dial, Trails Paint with light-wherever you move your hand the light follows, Crosses Touch the screen to create a cross, Plus Touch the screen to create a plus, Radar Touch the screen to create a radar like swirl effect, Squares Touch the screen to create squares, Circles Touch the screen to create circles, Numbers Touch the screen to count up to 10: each touch of the screen increases by one, Snake Touch the end of the moving snake and gain a reward, Shapes Touch the screen and create shapes, Ripple Touch the screen to produce a water ripple effect Fits to any wall using the wall brackets supplied. Available with (Musical Touch Wall) and without (Touch Wall) auditory reward. Operates on 240v transformed to low voltage. Size: 775mmH x 660mmW x 85mmD

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