Feelie Ball Sensory Tub

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The Feelie Ball Sensory Tub is an amazing visual and tactile collection of over 60 different balls and toys.Encourages exploration, feeling and touching, 1 x Bumble Ball, 1 x Nobbly Wobbly, 1 x Pyramid Ball, 1 x Scented Ball,2 x Koosh Balls ,3 x Juggling Balls, 3 x Hand Massagers, 2 x Flexi Balls,communication skills, hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.All come in a sturdy wheeled tub with a ‘Suggested Ideas of Use’ manual.Size of Tub: 800mmL x 390mmD x 300mmW. Contents (may vary):1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub, 1 x Swirl ball, 5 x Hedgehog Balls, 2 x Yuckee Balls, 12 x Colored Fluff Balls, 1 x Balloon Ball, 1 x Morpho Ball, 1 x Slinker Ball, 2 x Earth Balls, 1 x Mini Nobbly Wobbly, 1 x NoBounce Ball, 1 x Sensyball, 1 x Chime Ball, 2 x Foot Massagers, 1 x Winkel, 2 x Hot Potatoes, 2 x Smiling Faces, 2 x Telequoits, 1 x Kiddie Ball, 1 x Groovy Skwish, 1 x Large Spider Ball, 2 x Jumbo Water Wigglers Balls, 2 x Smiley Water Wigglers, 1 x Fascination Station

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