Body Massage Sensory Bag

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Contains a whole range of brushes, wheelies, masse and vibration products that will each provide many tactile sensations to enjoy and experience. Bag: 450mmW x 350mmL. Contents (may vary): 1 x Drawstring Bag,2 x Masse,3 x Animal Massagers,4 x Smoothies,2 x 4 Finger Massager, 1 x Bobo Massager,4 x Rubber Wheel Massager,2 x Massage Rollers,1 x Octopus Massager,1 x Dolphin Massager, 4 x Spiky Massagers,2 x Massage Rings,1 x 28 Wheel Foot Massager,1 x Massage Roller Bar,3 x Shaving Brushes,1 x Dome Massager,1 x Foot Massager

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