Fibre Optic Sensory-In-A-Box Kit

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Contents (may vary): VISUAL 1 x 1m x 150 Strand fibre Optic,Side glow and Light source,1 x Dark Den,1 x Magic Power Ball, 3 x Space Blanket,2 x Dynamo Torch,1 x LED Light Stick,3 x Rainbow Flashing Ball,2 x Mini Spinner,TACTILE 1 x Band Buddy,4 x Spine Balls,1 x Matching Textures Bag,5 x Finger Color Mat,1 x Finger Color Squares,1 x Touch-n-Feels Cards–ABC, 1 x Massage Roller Bar, AUDITORY 1 x Talking ID,1 x Wrist Bells,1 x Matching Sound Cubes,1 x Mini Rainbow Makers,5 x Talking Point, MASSAGE 5 x Hedgehog Balls,2 x Massage Rollers,1 x Bobo Massager,4 x Spiky Massagers,1 x Vibrating Pillow–Silver, OLFACTORY 1 x Aroma Dough Tub,4 x Aroma Balls,6 x Fruit Scented Bubbles,1 x Cosy Bee. All these resources pack away neatly into the flight and sensory case provided. Ideal for Occupational Therapists or for use in a home setting.

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