Mirror Diffraction Sensory Tub

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The Mirror Diffraction Sensory Tub contains a whole gallery of colorful visual objects to look through, observe or see yourself reflected. Kaleidoscopes, Unusual Mirrors, Liquid Ooze Tubes, Color Shapes and Glitter Tubes all provide an exciting visual array of color and texture to enjoy and experience. All stored nicely in a sturdy tub with a ‘Suggested Ideas of Use’ manual. Size of tub: 450mmW x 680mmL x 380mmH Contents (may vary): 1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub, 1 x Softies Mirror Pack,4 x Mirror Shapes,1 x Tunnel Lamp,6 x Eye Scopes,1 x Sand Motion 3 x Liquid Timers,1 x Multi-Liquid Motion,1 x Triple Ooze Tube 4 x Ooze Tubes, 4 x Magic Mirrors,1 x Twirley Tube,1 x Waterfall Tube 2 x UV Rainbow Batons,3 x Space Blankets,1 x Dynamo Torch,1 x LED Glitter Tube,3 x Softy Mirror Squares,1 x Double Feature Mirror,1 x Wooden Magnifying Glass,1 x Bubble Machine-Switch Adapted, 5 x Colored Light Diffraction Squares, 1 x Black and White Switch Ball,1 x Color Disc Kaleidoscope,4 x Bead Shakers–Square,4 x Bead Shakers – Cylinder,4 x Triangle Color Shapes,6 x LED Spinners.

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