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No more wiggles -- Sit Tight is a weighted lap pad to help children and adults improve their focus, attention span and stay seated longer. The gentle pressure The Sit Tight provides helps to calm and focus. The Sit Tight is smaller than a weighted blanket and designed to stay on the lap while seated with use of its waist strap. The Sit Tight is made with a high-quality waist strap that can securely fasten around the person's back. Use The Sit Tight as a weighted carry tool if a movement break is needed. Unfasten the waist strap and the Sit Tight can easily be carried across the room or down the hall. Sommerfly's Sit Tight, Wrap Arounds or Weighted Shoulder Wraps work great independently or together.

  • Nylon waist strap and plastic buckle keep the Sit Tight on the lap instead of on the floor!
  • Double stitched with pocketed construction for extra durability
  • Machine washable, made in the USA
  • Washable Sit Tight Cover sold separately
  • Very effective when used with either Wrap Around sashes or weighted shoulder wraps
  • Helps to calm and focus for home work, desk work, meal-time or when ever you need to increase sitting time.
  • Materials: Sommerfly's Sit Tight Lap Pad is made with soft 100% cotton corduroy and filled with a non-toxic and hypoallergenic PET pellet material which is BPA and phthalate free.
  • You will quickly notice the high quality materials and workmanship!
  • Washing/Drying Instructions: You may machine wash your Sit Tight Lap Pad and you may dry them in the dryer on low heat or on a drying rack.
  • Do not microwave.

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Weight(Lbs)   Person's Weight(Lbs) WidthLength(Inches)




7 X 15


4 41-80                                                                     8.5 X 19


6 81-140                                     9 X 21

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