Rapper Snapper ( Pop Tube)



They Stretch, Bend, Make Weird Sounds, and Are Feather-Light! An outstanding OT eye/hand activity with lots of fun rolled in. Twist and bend these brightly colored accordion-like plastic tubes into countless shapes. With every bend or stretch, Rapper Snappers make fascinating sounds. These colorful, plastic, interlocking tubes can be stretched and bent into countless shapes. When swung in the air they produce interesting, high-pitched sounds. Enjoy hours of fun and motor-skill development .This very versatile tool is great for a variety of activities and comes with sound effects too! You can pull, bend and twist it! Put it around your waist, across your back or blow through it, and many more! Suitable for oral exercises as well.Twist, bend, and stretch these brightly colored flexible tubes into an endless variety of shapes and sizes and create high-pitched noises. Blow into them to create a whistling sound.
Excellent eye-hand activity provides auditory, visual and tactile stimulation. Assorted colors. Latex free.

Appeal to your child's creativity, while improving respiration and lip rounding with Rapper Snapper! Have children blow through one or two Snappers connected together. Keep it straight or bend the tip. You can even use it for auditory feedback - bend one end up to the ear and the other end to the mouth, and talk. 1" in diameter, 8" long and expands to almost 24".

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