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Fidget Kit At the request of many of our customers / parents we put together a kit of the most popular fidgets. Pick your new favorite fidget every day. It's a great value because they can be used over and over again and children never tire of them. Includes one each of the following:Fidget Pencil, Silly Putty, Kooshie Ball, Bendeez, Squeezie Earth Ball, Rapper Snapper, Boink, Tangle Jr., Kooshie-Feel Ball. Substitutions may be made as needed.

Fidget Pencil:These colorful pencils are so great that many of Therapro's staff use them! Each of the 4 pencils has a different ""fidget"" near the eraserhead of the pencil that can be transferred to other pencils. Stay alert by fidgeting with the wing nut, the nut and bolt, and two other fidgets.

Silly Putty:A classic favorite, Silly Putty can bounce like a ball or be pulled like taffy. Comes in the traditional plastic storage egg. Kooshie Ball:This bright, latex-strand ball is soft, safe, and extremely easy to catch. Provides tactile stimulation - hard to put down. Great as a hand fidget. Washable. Colors vary. 2 "" diameter.

Bendeez:15"" long and 1/2"" wide, bendable, plastic band is a great quiet fidget. Colorful and easy to bend. No knobs on the ends to pop off. Squeezies:These soft, squeezable items fit perfectly in the hand and invite repetitious squeezes. Nontoxic, colorfast, slow recovery foam. Not only are they good as a ""fidget"" toy for all ages, but they are also good for gentle hand and finger exercise. Not recommended for small children. Rapper

Snapper:Improve bilateral coordination and strengthen shoulders. Stretch accordian-like plastic tubes to produce a loud sound and use hand strength and motor planning to push back to original size.

Boink:This fun and easy activity can be used in two ways to create a good palmar arch or for proprioception. Collapse the Boink in center of hand, release, and watch it fly! Or insert a finger into each end like the old finger trap game.

Tangle Jr.:The original fidget toy! It is a great quiet, fun toy for adults and children alike. Twist it, turn it, think of new ways to shape it, coil it, uncoil it, or just tangle! We have added the Textured Tangle Jr, Fuzzy Tangle Jr and the Hairy Tangle Jr.

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