Pressure Mesh Vest



This lightweight vest envelopes kids in a tight hug so they can focus. Great for year-round use!

Helps With
  •  Aggression
  •  Anxiety
  • Attention
  • Sensory Seeking
  • Trannsitioning
  • Travel Issues

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Keep Your Cool with Deep Pressure Kids can breathe easy while wearing our comfortable deep pressure vest. This mesh vest gives the same great “hug” as our popular Weighted Compression Vest, but it’s lighter and more ideal for warm weather. Use the hook-and-loop closures to adjust to fit as snugly as possible, and kids can better filter sensory information to stay calm and focused.

  • Lightning-fast to fasten on and off
  • Provides calming proprioceptive input for kids with autism
  • Helps children with hyperactivity, sensory processing disorder or sensory integration challenges
  • Made by Fun and Function, USA
  • Age 4+
  • Made from breathable mesh polyester
  • Machine wash cold, line dry
  • Color: navy blue

Ideas for Use Children can wear their pressure vest all day, though it's recommended for intervals of 20 minutes while taking a test, eating dinner, doing homework and during other activities where sensory input is helpful. Wear in school, at home, in the clinic or on the road. Use with adult supervision.

Size WIDTH ( Inches) Length ( Inches) App. Age ( Years)
X-Small 19"-29" 13'-14" 4
Small 22"-33" 16"-17" 5-8
Medium 28"-41" 19"-20" 9+
Measurements shown reflect the size of the vest.To measure for width, lift arms slightly and measure around your chest

NOTE: For a snug fit with compression vests, select a vest where the smallest width measurement is at least 4 inches less than the measurement around your chest.  

size x-small,small,medium

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