Raised Line Alphabet


Finally, raised outlines of letters displayed on writing paper! Learn the correct alignment of letters in relation to the baseline,top line and middle dotted line. The tactile raised outline helps to give structure to the correct formation of the letter. Begin by tracing the letter,then coloring it and then drawing within the lines.Upper case letters are approximately 1-1/4""high;lower case letters are 5/8""high. Manuscript papers in landscape format.A great teaching tool! Available as a single set or 4 sets of the alphabet. Cursive available in either a standard (a, b, c,...) sequence or sorted in letter groups of similar formation(a, c, d...are grouped together).Paper is in a portrait format.2 to 3 letters of the alphabet are on each page so practice can be repeated.Lower case set has 10 sheets; upper case set has 11 sheets.

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