Jaw Exercisers


Once clients have completed all grades of the Bite Blocks, they are ready to move on to the Jaw Exercisers. Each kit contains two firm, reusable Jaw Exercisers to address jaw stability, facilitate symmetrical jaw strength, and work on jaw grading through movement to ensure standard speech sound development. These tools are appropriate for those who need additional tactile input. Made from FDA-approved materials and can be easily cleaned for multiple-client use. Instructions included.

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These tools are designed for clients who have completed Jaw Grading Bite Blocks and Progressive Jaw Closure Tubes activities. They teach jaw stability and grading through movement and resistance. Jaw exercises should be used even when there is excessive tongue protrusion as they will address tongue retraction goals. They are appropriate as well for those who need additional tactile input.

  • Jaw stability and grading are needed for speech clarity and feeding skills
  • Includes a set of two unassembled jaw exercisers and TalkTools original instruction booklet
  • Made from FDA-approved materials
  • Reusable, durable and easy to clean

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