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Deep Pressure Sensory Vest - Designed to calm children with autism, ADD, SID and ADHD with an emphasis on durability and comfort. This poncho style vest is designed to be pulled snug to the clients' body, providing proprioceptive deep pressure sensory feedback, stability and skills. It is believed that they might be equally if not more helpful to some clients than the weighted vests, because the pressure is evenly provided over the entire trunk.

These vests are now designed with "Airprene". This new material has perforations/holes throughout the rubberized layer of fabric, allowing them to "breath" eliminating or reducing the problem of overheating. It should be noted that even though Airprene allows the skin to breathe, it is still recommended that you periodically check for over-heating or skin irritation. The vest is designed to be pulled snug to the clients' body, providing proprioceptive deep pressure feedback, stability and skills, evenly over the chest and waist. A new neck design also gives added support along the chest area.

The concept of the deep pressure sensory vest is based on the sensory integration therapy technique of deep pressure. Deep pressure is often used to assist the child to self-calm and relax so that sensory stimulus can be processed. The use of a weighted vest provides the child with unconscious information from the muscles and joints.

Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration respond positively to the "hugging" sensation a vest provides. Therapists have found that adding additional weights to the torso or shoulders of the vest may also assist with reflex maturity, body position awareness and coordination, balance, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and hearing and speaking skills. Because of these anecdotal outcomes, many therapists working with children are recommending the use of a weighted vest.

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NOTE: These items may be worn as long as tolerated. Feedback indicates that most clients indicate when they want the vest to be put on or removed. These vests were designed with two separate sides, allowing the therapist to adjust and vary the dimensions of each vest to meet the needs of a number of different clients. The front section comes in a variety of colors; the back section is black. They are made with 2 mm Airprene fabric and are secured to a 1.5 mm Velcro Plush Airprene back. The front section has a 2 to 3 inch horizontal separation, allowing for a snug fit along the chest and waist. The back of the vest has no seams to tear or unravel and may be modified simply by cutting it.

Adjustable: Our deep pressure sensory vests have full velcro adjustment on both shoulders and across the back to allow for a proper fit in the both the length, chest and torso. NOTE: This unique design allows increased adjustments in size due to the material and Velcro combination. The measurements stated below are the widest possible dimensions, and are given to determine the best size for each client, however for smaller clients, a greater decrease in size is obtained by increasing the side and shoulder closures.

How To Care For Your Sensory Hugs Deep Pressure Vests? Our deep pressure vests are made with a latex free, breathable material, that is comfortable, highly durable and completely washable, however because the fabric is rubberized, the items must be hung to dry. Before washing, secure all Velcro closures to prevent snagging and debris from collecting within the Velcro. Due to the nature of the product and the materials used in them, Do not dry clean.

How Do I Determine Which Size Sensory Vest I Need To Order? Our deep pressure vests are sized based on the measurements listed below and the design of the product allows a great deal of flexibility in size adjustments. To properly size your vest, you will need to measure: 1. Circumference of the user's chest (or stomach depending on which is larger) 2. Top of shoulder to waist or top of hip You can select from below mentioned sizes


Chest Circumference X Length ( Shoulder to Waist or Top of Hip) Inches


                                              15-20 W x 12 L

X- Small

                                               21-24 W x 14 L


                                              25-30 W x 17 L


                                              31-36 W x 20 L


                                              37-42 W x 24 L


                                               43- 48 W x 26 L


                                               49-54 W x 30 L


sizes x - small,medium,small,large

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