ARK's Basic Bear Bottle Kit


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Kit includes: 1 easy-to-squeeze Bear Bottle, 1 Select-Flow Valve, and 6 straws. The Bear Bottle Kit is a fun and friendly way to teach straw drinking. It also makes drinking easier for children who have difficulty generating and maintaining suction. Simply squeeze the liquid to the desired height and release. The valve allows fluid to remain in the straw without flowing back into the cup, which reduces the amount of air ingested and the effort required to drink. By keeping fluid at the top of the straw, this valve can also make the move from bottle-feeding to cup drinking an easier transition. When purchased, the valve opening is set for moderate restriction for users who tend to aspirate when taking too much fluid in one swallow. The valve can also be trimmed to increase the flow, further decreasing the effort required to drink. Adjust the flow you need by cutting back the tapered stem of the valve with scissors. Also available in an Ultra Kit, which comes with a Lip Blok and 8 inches of Special Polytube. Straw colors may vary.  

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