Twist 'n Write Pencils


The Twist 'n Write Pencil by PenAgain is specifically designed to fit smaller hands and bring back the fun in writing.  The wishbone-shaped design forces the school-taught "tripod" position while the unusual, curvy design and fun colors will make your kids want to pick up the Twist N Write Pencil and write or doodle.  The thick and long lasting 2 mm pencil lead never needs sharpening. Simply twist the tip of the PenAgain Twist N Write to expose more lead. Kids simply love the PenAgain Twist 'n Write because its fun to use and it gets them excited about writing!
•  Comfortable •  Fits children's hands for tension-free writing •  Helps children with fine motor skill difficulties

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Twist 'n Write Pencils

Designed specifically for a child's hand. The unique Y design where the index finger cradles onto a comfortable surface, allows the hand not to have to grip the pencil and actually encourages the fingers into the correct tripod grasp. This reduces tension and stress throughout the fingers, hand and wrist. Now write longer with greater ease. Great for anyone who has to write a lot or tends to squeeze the pencil too tightly. Mechanical pencil with thick #2 lead that never needs sharpening. Erasers on side of pencil. 3 ½" long.Refill the PenAgain Twist N Write Ergonomic Pencils! This package of 5 pencil leads has been specially designed for the PenAgain Twist 'N Write Pencils. Instructions are included for easy replacement of the pencil leads. The Refills are sold separately.

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