Why weight? Products for Sensory Inputs in Special Needs Kids

Why weight? Products for Sensory Inputs in Special Needs Kids

07 March 2020 Admin General Media

Children with special needs often need sensory inputs to calm them down.Weighted products provide constant, deep pressure to children when their body is craving calming, proprioceptive input. Children with special need benefit from the sensory feedback they receive when wearing weighted products.

Pressure vests are a type of weighted product that can be used for calming oversensitive children. They help in decreasing hyper-responsiveness and the pressure is known to help reduce the response to stimuli. Children, who exhibit signs of excessive energy, appear restless most of the time and have a hard time sitting still at one place, may benefit from using weighted products. The benefits of pressure vests include:

  • Increase in body awareness
  • Improvement in balance and coordination
  • Increase in focus and concentration
  • Enhanced comprehension and learning
  • Reduces hyperactivity
  • Maximizes benefits of therapy sessions
  • Increases therapy carryover

Children with sensory processing difficulties show vast improvement in their ability to sit still and concentrate on tasks.Pressure vests are very useful to calm down children during activities in the classroom or at home. They’re used for children diagnosed with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, Dyslexia, and Sensory.

A product like Sensory Hugs Weighted “V” Deep Pressure Vests combines the benefits of compression and deep pressure to the chest and shoulders. Added features like weights provide deep pressure to shoulders, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  These vests come with the option of wearing them either with or without weights. They can be adjusted for a snug fit on the child’s body. Because of many benefits, they have on special needs children; therapists are increasingly recommending the use of weighted vests. You can find them here.