Why should you decide on ARK’s Z-vibes?

Why should you decide on ARK’s Z-vibes?

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Due to various reasons, disability can be occurred in any child and of various nature, therefore, the treating of such difficulties have to be addressed in proper manner. A disability or challenge can be originated through accident, neo natal disarray, congenital disorder, neurological or other diseases. The signs and implications of these kinds of disorders are often found in the behavioral or physical clumsiness of the affected child. These special children need special care in their daily routine and upbringing because they often fail to grasp ideas like other child and get confused with their activities.

These physically or mentally challenged children require special kind of care by trained and experienced personnel, who are able to help them in recognizing their self individuality and surroundings. Like any other child, these special kids are not able to recognize objects those have relevance in their daily life, and even fail to react to any incident or atmosphere. Whereas, the support of doctor and medicine is very much required but the most important part is to help them through special activities and therapy, which have the potential in getting these physically or mentally challenged children to perform their daily and normal activities.

Lots of companies are there, who manufacture various natures of articles, toys and objects; those have some similarities with natural bits & pieces and help children, with some sort of disorder, in recognizing the real thing with specific relevance. ARK’s Z-vibes are some articles, which are being manufactured to help trainers, parents and special children a lot in their upbringing; are as follows:

  • Animal Tips (Combo): These are unique articles, manufactured by the company, which are quite effective in sensory motor healing plan for special children. The familiar faces are easily recognizable thus create general interest that improves the concentration and willingness to participate in therapeutic activities. Each of the tips has unique shape and structure that helps in oral stimulation and sensory inputs in cavity, lips etc. These are used for developing the biting and chewing skills of the challenged kid. These tips are available both in soft and hard variations, and can be used as per the specific requirement.
  • Bite-n-Chew Tips: ARK’s Bite-n-Chew tips are quite popular among the user and available with extra long shape and size that helps in developing biting and chewing skill. The cylindrical shape tips are being used for improving the jaw strength and also the stability. Not only inside the mouth; it can also be used on cheeks and lips to promote sensory inputs and also some sort of stimulation.
  • Every Spoon Tips (Combo): These uniquely designed tips are useful items for therapists in getting the child habituated with solid food. The size, shape and color not only interesting but helpful in feeding the child with much easier manner, which also works as stimulator.

It can be noted that all these tips are made of medically approved material with appropriate compliance and do not contain any harmful raw material that may affect the child or injurious to their health.