Why is it Necessary to Introduce your Special Needs Kids to Adaptive Sports?

Why is it Necessary to Introduce your Special Needs Kids to Adaptive Sports?

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

It is an undisputed fact that physical activity is paramount to maintain one’s health. It is all the more so for kids with special needs. Adaptive products are specifically designed to address the needs of the people with physical or intellectual disabilities. They include activities that provide an opportunity for kids with disabilities to develop their sense of independence, confidence, and to capture the spirit of the game by giving their best in any competitive field.

An adaptive sport enhances the quality of lives of the special needs kids by including their family and friends. They empower them in their daily activities and lend a positive impact on their health and general well-being. The special needs kids who participate in adaptive sports learn to cultivate their personality and hone their skills in a challenging yet caring environment. The activities are enjoyable, interactive, and help build team spirit and confidence of the special needs participants. They are therapeutic in a non-treatment setting, which most often proves to be more effective than the best treatment centers.

For people with disabilities to a take an active part in adaptive sports the market is awash with adaptive products that aid in exercising their multi-sensory resources. Here you can why is it necessary to introduce your special needs kids to adaptive products.

Windy Garden Sensory Tub

This adaptive product with a riot of colors in various shapes and sizes to create an exciting and playful environment is a sensory delight. It comes with a wide array of mobiles, windmills, chimes, windsocks that can be set to form a stimulating action garden. It is designed in such a way that the slightest of breezes is enough to set the entire arrangement in motion. All the paraphernalia can be tucked away in a sturdy wheeled tub once the game is over.

Acoustic Tactile Wall Panel

This interactive panel is packed to provide acoustic, visual, and tactile experiences ranging from beating the wooden chimes, ringing the visually appealing florescent mirror bells, playing the tambourine, turning the mirror rattle disc, and also dropping the colored blocks through the right holes. You can rattle it and hear them clatter through the pegs to the trough below and also watch the funny faces in the mirror discs. Every activity in this panel is thoughtfully crafted to exercise and appeal to the special needs kids.

Musical Touch Wall

Another tactical, musical wonder from Spacekraft, Musical Wall Touch offers eleven different programs on a panel that lights up with an ever-changing spectrum of LED light with a mere brush of the hand over the touch wall. It offers a rewarding auditory experience as well. Equipped with fully adjustable setting for speed, fade length, color and music volume, it is ideal for developing communication, tracking, and color recognition. Simply touch the circles to activate eight elements of music, adjust the color dial to access the four music styles. The product can be attached to any wall with the brackets supplied.