Why are activity kits the best gift for your special kid?

Why are activity kits the best gift for your special kid?

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

The basic thing that has to be remembered about your special needs children are that they are just like any other kid. They love to engage in hobbies and play around like any other regular kid. However, most parents of the special kids are so tied up in their therapies and treatment that they forget that he is a just a kid in need of some fun time. Even therapists agree that fun time is of utmost necessity for any special kid. Fun can be therapeutic in its own way. It can help an autistic child with their anxiety issues, a Down’s child with their self-esteem issue and an attention deficit disorder child with their attentive issues.

There are a lot of fun activity kits available in the market, which are specially designed for the special kids. They are made remembering the special needs of these children. So the next Christmas, try gifting them some fun activity kits and help bring a little more happiness in their life. Here are a few ways in which activity kits can be beneficial for your kid-

Art set communication

It has been seen time and again that most of the special kids love to draw. There is a sort of natural genius them for art. It is especially true for the special kids who prefer non-verbal communication. Art is a way of communication for them and it is through art that they find a way to express themselves. Again, special kids are in love with colours and what can be a better gift that a beautiful box of crayons and a drawing book. They can draw and colour to their heart’s fill. However, look out for the preferences of your kid before going ahead and buying an art set. There are some kids who love to colour way more than drawing. For them the ideal will be a colouring book and a lot of sketch pens and crayons. For the children who like to sketch give them an art book with some charcoals. There are a lot of tactile crayons and weighted crayons available too if your kid needs those.

Weighted vest relaxation

Weighted vests are a fun thing for your special kid. These vests apply a gentle pressure on your kid, which helps them to relax and to calm down. It is like a hug from a trusted caregiver for them. Most non-verbal autistic kids prefer to roll up in them in order to be comfortable and relaxed. Some tactile quilts are also available with which your kids can play as well as feel relaxed. They help with anxiety issues as well as with over stimulation.

Colourful toy’s distraction

Colours are something that every special kid loves. However, autistic kids find a new environment or stimuli very threatening. It is essential to relax them and distract them before introducing them to a stimulus. Neon scarves and toys do it for them. It helps to calm down a Down’s child and to capture the attention of an ADD kid.