What is a Pressure Vest? How does it help special needs kids?

What is a Pressure Vest? How does it help special needs kids?

29 August 2018 Admin General Media

For parents of special needs children, every day may present a new challenge. Calming down their kids during a tantrum or meltdown can be a big struggle. Weighted or pressure vests are tools, in addition to weighted blankets, that have a calming effect on autistic or special needs children.

Kids with autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, or neurological disorders can benefit from pressure vests.


How do Deep Pressure Vests Work?

Pressure vests provide proprioceptive feedback to a child with sensory processing disorder. Proprioceptors are sensors that aid in a child’s sensation of gravity and body movement, and proper functioning of these sensors is essential for accurate and appropriate movements. Motor control, rhythmic movement, limb position, and correcting motor errors are all basic functions with some control from proprioceptors. Weighted vests provide the much needed proprioceptive feedback and stability.

Children with special needs love wearing the vests because of the sensation it provides. They help increase body awareness, improve balance and provide sensory feedback. Children who love hugging or squishing behaviors, or who exhibit actions such as jumping, restlessness, or disorganization often benefit from pressure vets. They also show noticeable improvement in their concentration levels and advance in their therapy sessions.


The Deep Pressure sensory vest available at Help Them Shine is designed to calm children with autism, ADD, SID and ADHD. This poncho style vest is durable and comfortable, and provides proprioceptive deep pressure sensory feedback, stability and skills. Designed with “Airprene”, this material has perforations/holes throughout the rubberized layer of fabric, allowing them to breath and reducing the problem of overheating. It fits snuggly to the child’s body and provides deep pressure feedback evenly over the chest and waist.

Deep pressure vests are used to assist the child to self-calm and relax, so that sensory stimulus can be processed. The use of a weighted vest provides the child with unconscious information from the muscle and joints. Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration respond positively to the vest. Additionally, therapists say that adding weight to the torso or shoulders of the vest may assist in reflex maturity, body position awareness and coordination, balance, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and hearing and speaking skills.

Weighted pressure vests can be a definite boon for children with special needs. Get them here at Help Them Shine.