Weirdest Things Linked To Autism

Weirdest Things Linked To Autism

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Autism- An Age-old Issue Autism is one of the most queer and typical kinds of disorders. It is not something new to the world, especially when it had patients from the historic times. Prolific names like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison are quite common with respect to this disorder. Like the other conditions, Autism too embodies many symptoms and weird conditions that stick to it in the most inappropriate way. Here are some of the weirdest things that are generally associated with the typical Autistic patients.

Weird Issues Getting Linked with Autism “No worms” is one of the most common weird thing that most of the people may have heard about the autistic people. Many people have reported to have been told about this absence of worms factor. Yet no matter how madly this hypothesis gets high attention, this creepy fact does not have any kind of scientific backing. In addition, there are no correlations to drive this strange fact. It is true that there are autistic people who never had complained about worms. But at the same time, there is no proof against the fact that there are autistic people who never complained about them. Many people even till today believe about the vaccines. What they do not realise is that vaccines are simply dead for preventing autism.

Lyme disease is yet another correlation-less backing that often gets associated with autism. This fact got it's first hit due to a Fox news channel. Later it also got a lot of attention from the whole world. Another real weird thing that easily gets linked with autism is the finger-lengths. Many people actually believe that finger-lengths can predict the appearance of serious diseases like cancer, autism or even, which is actually not a disease, homosexuality.

Weird Maternal Factors The maternal factors include a complete whole range of conditions. Some of the most common weird factors that gets easily related to autism, with respect to mothers are:

  • Having children in a given certain order after a certain age,
  • Having their children close together,
  • Treatment of depression,
  • Donation of bad or wrong mitochondria to the respective offspring,
  • Getting partnered with older fathers,
  • Being or staying depressed,
  • Getting any kind of infection during the pregnancy period, that also includes flu
  • Being or getting pregnant near freeways,
  • Using labour induction, IVF, Clomid or Terbutaline,
  • Not getting any kind of infection,
  • Behaving quite like refrigerators,
  • Eating,
  • Having children anywhere in summer and
  • Having anti-bodies.

The list of the maternal factors actually include many more facts that may give rise to more kinds of weird reactions. Other factors like too much of androgen, too much of air pollution, amino acid and too much of money are also generally associated with autism.

Like each typical condition, autism also gets easily associated with many kinds of weird things. Any normal believer would believe in any of these facts only with a true logical scientific backdrop. Else, associating any of these or all of these or all of these conditions and believing in them blindly can actually be quite like joke.