Ways to improve reading skills in Dyslexic children

Ways to improve reading skills in Dyslexic children

28 October 2019 Admin General Media

Dyslexia refers to a developmental, reading disorder that occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process symbols like letters and numbers. It is often categorized as a learning disability. It can greatly effect and hinder the sufferer’s reading capabilities.   If you’re a parent who is struggling to help their dyslexic child read fluidly, here are some ways to help them improve on their skills:  

  1. Use Special Fonts

Did you know that there is a special font created by a dyslexic, for dyslexics? They have been proven to be very effective as they make the differences between the letters greater, add more weight to the bottom of the letters, and increased the size of capital letters and punctuations. This can help dyslexic readers see more clearly where sentences start and end. This special font can also be applied to many websites.  

  1. Take Help of Audio Books

The disconnect between the auditory and visual parts of the brain cause more problems to kids with dyslexia. Having them read along to audio books may help. It confirms that the text they are reading is accurate and it will help them gain better grasp of the reading material. It also builds confidence in their reading ability.  

  1. Get Eye examination Done

It is important to have the eyes of dyslexic children checked for a condition known as Irlen Syndrome. It is a condition where the eyes are sensitive to the contrast of a pure black on a white background. If a dyslexic child complains of text moving around, then they may have this condition. It can be corrected by wearing colored glasses.  

  1. Healthy Eating Habits May Help

Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are essential for the health of those with dyslexia. They help the nerves and pathways in the brain to communicate more effectively with the eyes. Make sure that dyslexic children have a balanced diet and their vitamin intake is enough to offset any negative effects of deficiency.   There are several other ways to help dyslexic children improve their reading, but these steps are a good way to start. Dyslexics are extremely intelligent people – they just have issues translating the symbols they see. By helping children overcome this issue early on in their life, you can ensure that they overcome much of the problem and be successful readers for life.