Usefulness of Professional Resistance Bands For Children With Special Needs

Usefulness of Professional Resistance Bands For Children With Special Needs

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Why use resistance bands?

Resistance bands or exercises bands are very common these days. People are very health conscious and they have to exercise to keep themselves in a good shape and also take care of their well being. You can use resistance bands at your home with ease, so you don’t have to go to the gym to workout. Doing this you can save lots of time and effort. Also, you spend extra energy in getting to the gym and coming back which you might put to better use. People who want to do some very easy light exercises can use these exercise bands only and do not need to spend hundreds on fitness.

What can you do with resistance bands?

You can do all kinds of exercises with these bands. The basic concept of these bands is that they restrict the fluidity of your movements, so you have to push your muscles to do a bit of extra work. You can do pull ups, triceps exercise, rowing exercises and much more with these bands. You can just simply fix the band on a rigid surface and use the free end of the band. It is one of the best all round workout that you can get your hands on at such cheap prices.

How can resistance bands help children with special needs?

However, working out and making muscles is not the only thing you can do with these bands. There is lot and lots more that you can achieve. Children that have some special needs, and are not as fortunate as the others physically, can use these bands to help them improve their motor skills. It can be sued to design small and easy exercises and routines that can slowly develop the physical capabilities of a child.

You cannot expect a child to be able to do strenuous exercises with resistance bands. So try and start out small. After all, even children need to take care of their health and fitness, and it is better to start when you’re young and get into the habit. If you keep a kid away from physical activities, it would be difficult to get them to be active in the later years. However, you should always consult with an expert before you try and design exercises. Contact your family physician or pediatrician before you even start.

The types of exercises that you can start with are

  • Stretching
  • Pulling
  • Freehand

These are the basic types.

Simple things that you can have your child do is say, pull the ends of the band while one side is attached to the wall. You can device simple stretching the bands with all limbs kind of exercises. These exercises can be helpful for children who have weak leg muscles and they can develop the strength of their muscles. Physical disabilities that can be cured at a small age must be taken care of and resistance bands can be of great use in providing them physical strength.