Treating your mentally impaired child is a test of your parentage

Treating your mentally impaired child is a test of your parentage

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Special Children are called special because of the fact that they are different and have their own speciality due to which they need to get treated in a special way by their parents, relatives, kins, etc. They cannot express every single feeling of theirs normally or maybe we don’t understand it totally, therefore, it is of prime importance that the parents of a mentally impaired child do understand what the child is expecting and what are the feelings of that special child. One of the major factors to develop a child’s personality with an abnormality or disorder is to build high self-confidence throughput social skills.

Needs of a mentally impaired Child:-

  • A thorough assistance at all possible ages and given support at all times, be it good or bad, by the parents and makes them feel like everyone else to attain a state of normality among others.
  • A standardised health plan right from a very small age to tackle the future problems that might arise due to deteriorating health and other social problems. This plan will work as a problem solving support in the near and far future and will be a platform of dependence for the special child.
  • Parents need to stay in contact with agencies and organisations that continue to bring in support for the special children and make them look normal in this world and take away any sociological problems.
  • Special education classes and trying to teach self dependence so as to not allow anyone in the future to raise false questions and make sure that the child shows some ability that he/she possesses.
  • Connect the child with workshops to bring up the skills and increase the skill level to develop character and enhance the quality of life of that special child.

Special Children are special because they are better than normal

What parents and close relatives need to understand that just because their child is mentally impaired doesn’t mean that it is carriage or a burden for their whole life but it is about sharing your moments with someone who is different and has a different persona of life. Just because someone is special does not mean that you can just loan them off and spend your life in disgust. Mentally impaired children have better version of seeing life because they show true feelings and thereby can invoke real emotions that only few normal individuals’ posses. Therefore, utmost care is necessary when dealing and living with a child with mental impairment.

  • It is of utmost importance that the child is not meant to feel lonely and secluded from the society. It is the job of the parents to get them to involve with the society and make an identity of their own.
  • They need to be given mental strength by the parents and they always expect parents to be with them every time they falter. It is the duty of the respective parents to go along with the child in every phase of life ,trough ups and downs, but sticking to the child allowing the child to develop a mental strength and knowing the fact that whatever everyone says ,parents are their
  • Be a mentor, guide and take him through the varieties of life and treat that child like a normal one to help him to get indulged into society and feel completely normal.