Treat ADD at an early age

Treat ADD at an early age

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

In todays’ professional and fast-paced setup of life, everyone praises a person with organized, properly scheduled and a balancing life. However, even the most organized person spends some bad days in office, where there are many external regulators which control the balance, resulting in disorientation. But if you are having disoriented and unbalanced life continuously, then you should consult a mental health expert and you may be suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It is a type of mental health problem and can get very disturbing for day to day life if neglected since childhood. ADD creates heavy problem in the learning process for children and also in career, relationship for adults.Understanding ADD disorder is important so that you can treat it at an early age.

Understanding the disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder is a mental weakness condition where common symptoms are not able to sustain concentration, deregulated motor movement, impulsive behaviour etc. Inattention or hyperactivity are very common traits among children, but if these continue to adulthood, expert intervention is very much required. So, to match the diagnosis criteria, these symptoms are to be long-term, excessive.

Which causes this disorder?

A neurotransmitter, Dopamine activity is thought to be one of the main reasons which results in ADD. Dopamine controls the motor regulatory activities and any dysfunction in brain wiring mechanism can cause serious harm and may cause ADD. Reports are saying 30% of ADD results from genetic inheritance and 50% cases observed where twins are suffering from this neurological disorder. However, poor nutrition, bad parenting, drugs seems to be less likely to cause ADD. Neurological disorder may come from drug side effects.

Symptoms in early life

Scientific reports are saying neurological disorders generally initiates from early life, unless it happens with any injury to the brain. During the development of co-ordinated movement and discipline, children are often seen disoriented, which is normal. But excessive distractibility, inability to do assigned task, inability to sustain proper concentration may zoom out the condition of ADD. Oftentimes, children suffering from ADD are labelled to be a ‘bad boy’ by the teachers. But it is very important for parents to understand the symptoms and to seek expert advice as soon as possible.

Effects of ADD

Unbalanced life and lack of discipline causes several psychological harms to anyone’s life. A child can fail pathetically to his/her studies, a professional can fail to do his office tasks, leading to problems in occupation life or ADD can cause problem in relationships also. Some extreme reaching effects may include frustration, embarrassment, harassment and deficiency of confidence as well.

Cure to ADD

The main part to cure ADD is first to understand the symptoms and to conclude about the disorder. It is very important to check for these symptoms from early age so that it cannot make a big issue further in the adolescent period. Pharmacological treatment includes use of amphetamine directed drugs and some dopamine, norepinephrine inhibitor drugs. According to the experts, Self-help is the best prognosis for ADD. Parents and teachers often wrongly assume behaviours of distractibility and lack of attention in child, following the negative reports and withdrawal from academic sector. But this continuous negative image can be self-re-inforcing for the child. Some self-help options which showed great improvement when done properly are proper diet with right exercise, proper lifestyle and sleep, controlled motor responses, better time management and living within a creative environment.