Tools to help special needs kids do better in school

Tools to help special needs kids do better in school

29 April 2019 Admin General Media

Children with certain disabilities may not be able to grip a standard pen or pencil. Some may be able to grip these writing tools but find it difficult to use them while writing. Other kids may find it difficult to concentrate in classroom and fidget a lot. There are certain tools designed to be make writingeasier for special needs children. They can also help your child focus better.


Here are some tools that can help your child sit more still, write better, and read easier.


  1. Pencil Grips

The way your child holds the pencil may make a big difference in the legibility of his writing, and the amount of fatigue he feels doing it. Getting a pencil grip may be a good idea to help your child improve his writing. Choose from a variety of options from Pencil Grip – 3 Step training kit, to a pack of 12 Gel Pencil Grips in Assorted Colors and Shapes, available at Help Them Shine.



  1. Pencil Toppers

Having a little playful thing atop a pencil can help your child burn off some fidgety energy. Find something that your child can put on top of his pencil while writing so that he gains confidence and enjoys the whole writing process.



  1. Paper with Raised Lines

Writing between the lines can be a major challenge for kids with fine motor issues. Paper with raised lines can make things a little easier by providing little pencil speed bumps. Slightly raised lines help your child know when to stop, and gives some nice proprioceptive input.



  1. Tilted Surface

If writing on a flat desk is hard for your child, see if a tilted surface makes things easier for him. A metal clip on top keeps the paper from slipping and keeps kids from having to worry about holding the paper down. This is another tool that helps special needs kids do better in school.



  1. Fidget Toys

Little, hand-size mini-toys are fun to squeeze and fiddle. They help transfer your child’s distractible energy to make it easier to concentrate on what matters the most. Find some of the tiny fidget toys available at Help Them Shine and create your own little bag of tricks for your kid. You can also let your child find the one she likes most and keep that one close at hand.



  1. Pencil Weight

If your child has a light touch with the pencil, a pencil weight might be a good idea to use. It helps to make writing more legible and comfortable for kids with special needs. It is a wonderful tool to have on hand when your child is at school.



  1. Weighted Products

Children who have trouble sitting down can use weighted products to keep calm and concentrate in class. The heavy weight of these products offer a lot of proprioceptive input to reduce movement and fidgeting in the room. Try these weighted vests available at Help Them Shine that provide function, along with fashion. 


These school tools are great for students with learning disabilities, fine motor delays, sensory integration challenges, or a bad case of the wiggles. Find these and other products at Help Them Shine.