To What Extent Spirometer Helps In Speech Therapy

To What Extent Spirometer Helps In Speech Therapy

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Speech problems can be treated through speech therapy. If someone is suffering from stammering or other kind of speaking problem that is affecting their speech and there are different approaches towards a proper speech treatment. There are biological approaches that help in identifying the person’s biological features that causes such problems like stammering. Lung capacity is one of such factors and low breathing capacity often causes stammering as the person cannot complete speech without taking deep breath and it interrupts the speeches. Spirometer is the device used to measure the capacity of the lungs by determining the amount of air taken in by the lungs and expired by it.

The rate of air inflow and outflow of the person’s lungs is a useful deduction

If it is found that there is any problem in your breathing pattern that is well reflected by the result of the Spirometer, it will be categories as either obstructive or restrictive. Spirometer is also used to determine problems in the vocal cord and thus helps in solving them. Once the source of the problem is deduced, speech problems can be treated faster. Spirometer is recently being used as an effective object for speech therapy. It helps find out whether the person has shortage of breath while delivering speech or they have some problem in the vocal cord. Vocal cord dysfunction can directly be determined from the results of Spirometer.

In the traditional practices for speech therapy, no instruments were used but it was simply practice sessions where an expert used methods to widen the vocal range and make the flow of sound seamless. They were asked to pronounce words in different ways and long sentences were asked to be spoken at one stretch. These were very time consuming and results were also not that refined. There was no way to scale the intensity of the problem and the level of effort it demands for a perfect cure.

Different speech problems

There are different kinds of speech disorders like Apraxia, Dysarthria, shuttering and problem in voice. Fully Electronic Spirometers are now being used as they are better for determining the rate of air inflow and outflow. They do not use any mesh or rotating part that is used to deduce the speed of the air but the entire rate is determined automatically. It uses ultrasonic transducers to determine the rate of air flow.

Recent researches on speech therapy are supportive of Spirometer

The main target of the therapist is to make sure that the capacity of the lungs is increased in due course of time. The more the air it can take in, the longer and flawless the speeches the person can say. They are also given breathing exercise using a Spirometer which is rather helpful in the long run. Modern day therapists are using Spirometer and some of the recent research over speech therapy have suggested that use of Spirometer and have stated that it can be helpful to speed up the process of speech therapy.