ThumbGuard: A must-have to bolster your parenting strategy!

ThumbGuard: A must-have to bolster your parenting strategy!

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

As a parent, you always have the welfare of your children in your mind. This is an irrefutable fact. The same thought process comes into play when you see your child growing and maturing with age but notice that he or she fails to overcome or grow out of the habit if thumb sucking. As a parent, it is bound to get you concerned. The prolonged habit can, not only create problems with dental development, but also cause the child to suffer socially. It is in the best interest of the child to make sure that he or she breaks out of this habit as soon as possible.

Is thumb sucking normal?

The habit of thumb sucking is quite normal when it is done by a child below the age of three or four. However, once the child hits the age of five, thumb sucking translates into a problem that requires attention on the part of the parents. This is so, because, sucking the thumb at this stage can severely impact the formation of the jaw and the teeth functions. There may also be speech problems such as a lisp or a problem with pronouncing certain sounds properly.

As a child, thumb sucking is a means of calming oneself down. It is a healthy habit in a toddler. However, the child needs to grow out of the habit and find means of soothing oneself other than sucking on his or her thumb.

How to address the issue?

Well, for starters, you need to understand that your child wants to break the habit as well. All he or she needs is some added support and help. Do not think that your child’s failure to break the habit is an act of defiance on his or her part. There are certain things you can do to alleviate the issue.

  • Your child sucks thumb as a coping mechanism. Forcefully trying to get your child to quit the habit will only aggravate the problem.
  • Encourage your kid to break the habit by appreciating his or her efforts. Remember, it is a big leap for him or her and he or she needs time!
  • Show your young one some extra love and care. This is one way to make him or her feel safe and calm, thus helping in the long run to break the habit of thumb sucking.
  • Talk to them frequently and make sure that they know how their habit is not a good one. This will also help you to bond better with your little one.

Use ThumbGuard

A simple crutch like design that prevents your kid from sucking on the thumb is what ThumbGuard offers to you. It is a very efficient technique to make sure that your kid quits his or her thumb sucking habit within a span of four weeks. It has a very child-friendly design, and therefore, would not be a repulsive device to your kid. It also comes with colorful stickers that you can use to reward your child’s efforts.