Theraputty- Gluten free material for a firm grip

Theraputty- Gluten free material for a firm grip

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Gripping and grasping are two of the most important fist functions. However, the problem generally arises when there is an injury or a strength problem that leads to the loss of strength. It becomes difficult to keep the grip on articles then. This happens mostly with people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other such neurological disorders. Losing the firmness of grip can also be due to an accident, or arm injury, fractures etc. Therapists suggest that you use these to improve on your grip. Theraputty is resistive and is known to work miracles in a number of hand finger and wrist resistive exercises. It is also popular for children who have not properly developed their cognitive ability for grasping and gripping.

This therapeutic material is latex, casein and gluten free

Hence they are neither callous nor sticky material that causes discomfort on touching. It does not stick to the furniture or leave marks on the skin. Above all this material is non-toxic. The texture is this Theraputty material is designed to meet a wide variety of exercise needs. They are available in medium, firm and soft textures. They not only work on fingers and hands but also muscles and forearm. This material is comfortable to exercise with and the putty does not harden or dry out. They are available in a variety of attractive colours and different textures. For example, they are available in a range of soft to firm textures as per the needs of the patients. Depending upon the needs, exercise is directed by the physicians. The resistive Theraputty can be stretched, punched, pressed and pinched as per requirement.

Another category of theraputty, the cando theraputty serves much the same purpose only in a different process. Unlike the polymer dough, this is a rubber ball with a nubby texture. This texture of the ball helps improve the grip and fist strength. Its textured surface acts on the pressure points of the palms to facilitate muscle and tension release from all parts of the body. They help develop massage stimulation and sensory awareness. Their soft textures make it ideal for massaging the infant’s palms and soles of feet. They develop gross motor skill. These are also available as massage rolls. Performing similar functions of sensory development, the convenient shape of these rolls makes it possible to massage the palms and soles of feet. These tools are also known for their role in developing social skills through appropriate exercises.

These tactile tools effectively solve not only grip problems but also other problems like fidgeting. The tools are designed in a way that they keep the hands busy and prevent the person from fidgeting. Mostly popular with the pediatric clients, according to therapists, such tools have effectively solved several tactile problems. Be it for a stronger grip or your personal annoying tactile problems, it is possible to solve it. You do not need to worry about muscle movement and fist strength if you keep these tools handy.