Theraputty Firm Resistance for strengthening grasp

Theraputty Firm Resistance for strengthening grasp

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Theraputty exercises are recommended by occupational therapists as part of a muscle strengthening program. Theraputty uses a silicone-based material that can be used for a variety of hand exercises, which may include: Grip Strengthening Exercises such as grip strengthening are performed with Theraputty. There are two types of grips – full fist and hook fist. For kids with special needs, occupational therapist might place the putty in the center of the child’s palm and bend their fingers against the resistance of the putty. This movement helps strengthen full fist grip and is important for gripping objects such as a hammer. For hook fist strength, they may assist the child in bending just the knuckles of their fingers while keeping the large knuckles straight. This activity is useful in tasks such as carrying a briefcase by its handle. Finger Strengthening Theraputty is used to strengthen finger muscles. It can be squeezed together, pulled apart and looped around fingers to improve strength. Due to its diverse uses, special needs children can work on their finger weaknesses and overcome the same through exercise. Fine Motor Skills Occupational therapists highly recommend Theraputty to improve fine motor skills. They help improve dexterity and molding Theraputty into various objects can make a difference to the fine motor skills.   How Theraputty helps strengthen grasp? Theraputty Firm Resistance offers a simple and effective resistance-based training routine, which helps develop a strong, capable grip. Special needs children can use Theraputty to form shapes and sizes, and engage their hands in exercises that helps them improve their dexterity. Fine motor skills can be developed when children work with different resistance levels. Cando Theraputty exercise material is made from standard quality. Each color coded putty has a different consistency, ranging from XX-Soft for strengthening the weakest grasp, to X-Firm for developing a stronger grip. It comes in convenient, easy-to-open plastic containers which make them a great choice for individual patients to use at home. You also get a choice of larger containers for use at hospitals or clinics. Some other features of Theraputty include:

  • Gluten, casein and latex free material
  • Can be used for a variety of finger, hand, and wrist-resistive exercises
  • Recommended by therapists to improve finger and hand strength and mobility after injury or surgery
  • Can be used to facilitate grasping patterns in pediatric clients
  • Bleed-proof, non-toxic, clean, non-oily, and will not leave color residue on hands
  • Does not fragment, separate or stick to skin, furniture or clothing
  • Pleasant to touch and does not harden or dry out
  • Designed to meet various hand/arm strengthening needs
  • Can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched
  • Great for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises

Theraputty comes in six visually distinct colors that reflect established standards in resistive exercise. You can buy them here to strengthen the muscles of fingers, hand and forearm of your special needs child.