21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Children, right from the moment they start to develop teeth, start to bite anything and everything they can find their hands on! From pencils, erasers to things such as belts and your favorite t-shirts. They will do anything it takes to calm that nibbling sensation they have right after they start developing teeth just for the heck of it and thereby, ruining a lot of stuff you hold near and dear and this is not even taking into account the disastrous health effects that they might have as a result of toxins and other health hazards present in whatever they bite into.

This particular article takes into consideration the pain you all as parents have to bear during this particular phase of your child’s growth and thus, for easing parents all over into this by reliving this particular headache, Chewy Tubes came into being. You might be wondering why to consider Chewy Tubes at all or you are skeptical about it, and to that, we say, worry not, by the end of this, you shall be more than convinced as to why you should get one rather than asking any further questions.

Chewy Tubes, but why?

Chewy Tubes are little colorful tubes, shaped in the form of a “T” without any sharp edges present taking into consideration of your delicate child, so that he can chew away to glory. Every tube is carefully designed so that to ensure that it’s smooth and round so as to not poke your precious in the eye of any other vulnerable region and is also big enough to ensure that he mistakenly doesn’t swallow it or insert it in his nose as children usually tend to do.

Pretty yet durable!

Chewy Tubes are available in a wide array of bright colors such as Deep Blue, Red, Yellow and Green, which are sure you catch your darling’s eye once you present it before him and as we’ve stated, it is so designed that it possible could not intentionally hurt your precious child. The tubes are not prone to flaking either which is a common occurrence with other such chewable toys and also, every tube is safe in respect to the fact that, these tubes are non-latex ones with zero PVC or Lead based paints which usually most children’s toys these days contain which is something a good parent should what out, for the sake of the health and wellbeing of his precious child.

A stepping stone to the future

Aside from being a nice chewable toy for children, it also aids in jaw development for children by helping them develop their biting and chewing skills as well as for post-op recovery patients who have undergone major jaw reconstruction to help them get their jaws adjusted in chewing and biting. For Autistic patients, with proper supervision, it aids in retaining and developing motor functions in the jaw due to its patent protected physical layout that is both FDA and CE approved.

All the above stated reasons, should be more than plenty to get your little nibbler, off from nibbling on your precious belongings to nibbling, chewing and biting on a chewy tube! So, what are you waiting for? Go get one now!