Special Needs children: The Joys of Growing Up

Special Needs children: The Joys of Growing Up

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

You are on the metro on your way home when suddenly your eyes catch a glimpse of a child, sitting not too far across your seat, clumsily huddled to a guardian, looking vacantly into the space. Not to sound stereotypical, but the immediate response from you would be one of compassionate pity and which will eventually draw a sympathetic sigh. It is nobody’s fault really, such socially constructed stigmas have become too rampant to eradicate. What we fail to observe is that all these children born will hormonal and chromosome disorders are not “abnormal”, but “differently able”. They are just the same as any other children in ways more than one. They cut and bleed, have emotions, which sometimes can be too deep to decipher, demands and choices for the things they prefer, and most importantly, an intense zeal to grow and mature as different individuals.

It is the rapturous joys of growing up that get them going even against the malignant force of every obstruction they are made to face with each passing day. Parents to all these special children tend to be overprotective of their child, and avoid social interactions out of anxiety and trauma they apprehend of encountering. Fortunately, the century has witnessed immense advancement in research and improvement concerning this issue. Experts opine that children born with any such syndrome can in fact be given a normal, healthy life with the right treatment and guidance. It may get difficult in the way but at the end it is totally worth the pain and trouble. Some ways you can help your child build a bright future and enjoy the joy of growing up:

Hiring a professional mentor – in practical terms it is no job for any untrained tutor to cater to your child’s special needs. A professionally trained mentor knows exactly how to tackle special kids and will not let the child slip away.

Keeping the child engaged in different activities – what fun is childhood without the activities that make it worth revisiting in days of adulthood and youth? Expose your child to the arts and aesthetics of the universe and let them imbibe in every music, every dance form and every painting. Sooner or later the child is bound to develop an inextricable bond with one or more forms of expressive art and that will pave his/her way towards a happier and brighter future life.

Training and workshops—make sure your child has access to these beneficial workshops which help them boost their creativity and also groom the parents to nurture their child better. This is where your child is most likely to make new acquaintances and mingle with other kids.

Trips and adventures—as observed by experts, differently abled kids have an insatiable zest for adventures and are awed at every new experience they make. It is important for parents to take them on trips involving adventures every once in a while. Chances are, these memories will leave an indelible mark in their mind and make their childhood all the more memorable.