All You Need To Know About Whisper Phones

All You Need To Know About Whisper Phones

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

If you want to encourage your child to read independently, then you must definitely give Whisper Phones a try. Constructed out of simple piping materials, this telephone receiver-like auditory device helps students hear themselves when they read. When children speak into their whisper phones, the sound waves get amplified and are directed to their ear so they hear a more clear depiction of their voices. Students can use these phones to listen to themselves without disturbing their classmates.

A Boon for improving literacy

Don’t we all remember reading our lessons out loud to memorize them while growing up?A research paper has found that we can retain things longer in our memory when we read aloud. Here’s how Whisper phones can be useful for improving children’s memory and literacy.

  • Whisper phones improve phonemic awareness in children, especially those who are suffering from dyslexia. Students are able to hear and concentrate on sounds, improve blending and attain fluency in text while reading and speaking.
  • Students with advanced reading capabilities find that whisper phones help them build on their reading skills and attain proficiency. It helps them focus more on what they are reading and encourages them to read softly.
  • Whisper phones help students in play rehearsals. When students hear themselves speaking, they are motivated to read their passages with a better tone and expression.
  • In a classroom setting, whisper phones helps in reducing the noise caused by students while reading aloud. Since students speak into their phones, they use whispered tones.
  • They can prove to be very helpful in improving the concentration of restless and unmindful kids. As an extra tool while studying, it makes children more focused towards their lessons.

Due to the playful concept behind it, children love using the whisper phone and hearing their own voices. It helps to boost their confidence as they get used to their own voice, and stop shying away from talking in front of their teachers or friends.

Where to find them?

Whisper phones are easily available in educational stores, as well as online. While the ones available commercially may be pretty fancy (like hands-free ones) and expensive, you can choose a cheaper alternative by making one at home at a fraction of the cost. All you need is a PVC pipe and two elbows of the same diameter. You can find these at any home improvement supplies or hardware stores. Make it a DIY project with the kids and have them personalize it according to their liking. You can also look for ideas online.

With easy access and its many benefits, Whisper Phones are fast becoming a preferred choice for learning among educationists.