Misconceptions regarding teaching children with special needs

Misconceptions regarding teaching children with special needs

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Children with special needs are often looked upon as a burden to the society. The reason for this mindset is not the children themselves but the misconceptions that continue to develop in the society. The society today is much more educated and aware than it had been before a decade. Still it is hurting that people still hold these misconceptions instead of employing their heart and mind. While there are many misconceptions related to the children with special needs, the most common of them are related to their learning abilities. Teaching them is supposed to be a task with no results. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions which are supposed to be true regarding teaching these children:

  • Often it is predicted that teaching special needs children makes your life difficult. Many of them believe in this. But the parents and teachers who deal with these children with special needs know that it is not so. It may be difficult to deal with these children but not at all useless. If handled with love, care and a little patience these children can perform better than normal children in some fields. They may not be that much active in the normal things but if noticed closely they have other talents.
  • Another myth which is generally accepted in the society is that the children with special needs are dull and cannot fully utilize their capabilities at any cost. This is totally wrong. If given proper guidance, these children can read, write and learn. Not only this, they can learn other activities as well. All they need is correct coaching and a little time. You can’t expect for a miracle to happen.
  • Another things vainly concluded about these children is that they are socially numb. Therefore, teaching them is difficult as well as useless. Though it is true that these children do not have normal communication skills but it is wrong that they can’t establish social relationships. They understand the love and affection they get and respond positively to it. It may not be normal responses like other children give, but certainly they know they are loved. Teaching them is not vain, and enhances their capabilities to the maximized level.

From the above, we conclude that these special children are still not fully accepted by the society. The reason being the misconceptions that people generally nourish. One should not believe in everything said and should make their possible efforts to accept these children as a part of the society. Just because they aren’t like doesn’t mean they are harmful to us. Teaching them the right way and accepting that coaching them hence becomes very important.