21 July 2018 Admin General Media

If you are a parent who has begun noticing signs of stress and depression in your child lately, don’t sit back! You will be happy to know after the tried and tested success of Tactile Tiger Brush to relieve peer pressure among kids, Tactile Tiger Arm Band has been taking the world of chewable armbands by storm! Whether your kid is suffering from an illness like Autism, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy or simply has a tendency to be a victim to chronic tension, this oral motor tool is your way to ensure a safe and confident future to your child, so that he might be empowered enough to go “ROAR!”.

Make your child fiery with Tactile Tiger Arm Band!

If you think that stress affects someone only with the onset of adolescence, you couldn’t be more wrong! Research has shown that due to the increased standards of living and the imposed pressure of performing from early childhood, kids these days are resorting to unhealthy avenues like excessive consumption of sweets or a tendency to revolt against everything to relieve themselves of the stress. Tactile Tiger Arm Band recognises the fact that your child might feel insecure whether under your parental supervision or otherwise. A wearable chewable Tactile Tiger Arm Band comes in handy during such circumstances by providing an effective medium of tactile input. Whenever your child feels the need to grind or chew you can be safe in the knowledge that a few minutes spent chewing the Tactile Tiger Arm Band would see them through!

What about safety?

Many chewable armbands available presently in the market don’t pay adequate attention to the fact that they might be unsafe for the gums and deter the growth of teeth. Tactile Tiger Arm Band, however, had taken care to address the hygienic issues such that even the FDA has approved it as the best product for oral simulation. The elevated tiger surface on the arm band ensures that regular oral use promotes rather than hinders the oral care hygiene and ultimately a complete rejection of a depressed state of mind in your child by providing a tool which is completely bacteria free. The Tactile Tiger Arm Band is suitable for kids aged three years or above, you will never be disappointed with the visible results.

When and how to wear?

The Tactile Tiger Arm Band blends in impeccably with the surroundings no matter what the place or the occasion. Whether your child is in a place of worship, a therapy session, at a family dinner, school or sleeping in at his friend’s home, the Tactile Tiger Arm Band provides a calming self regulating tool anywhere and everywhere! Chewing on an armband might visually be revolting to some, but with this vibrantly coloured product, which snugly fits into any child’s wrist irrespective of his or her size your kid would look so cute that your friends, won’t be able to refrain from ordering one for their own children sometime soon!