Make 'em talk: A walk through the communication-enhancing toys for special needs children

Make 'em talk: A walk through the communication-enhancing toys for special needs children

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Treating the special needs conditions- be it Asperger’s/Autism, or ADHD or cerebral palsy- does take time; and therapy. And most children would do anything to avoid the “boring” therapeutic session.

Here are some ‘toys’/tools that might make the job easier for you as well as the therapist. All of these products serve the purpose in either or both of following ways. Here are some communication-enhancing toys for special needs children:

  1. Capturing, and retaining, the interests of the children, AND/OR
  2. Actually assisting by supporting the route of the therapy.
  (Animal) “Tips”:

These toys help in enhancement of oral sensory motor skills. They improve concentration of the subject, and their friendly faces (usually of animals like elephants, dogs, cats etc.) make the children willing to participate in the therapy.

Provision of bite blocks on their backs can make them also useful in jaw grading and stability.

We offer animals tips by two major brands- DnZ Vibes and Ark Therapeutic.


They are cylindrical objects, that can stimulate gums, palate, cheek and tongue; by stroking and applying pressure.

They provide tactical awareness, input and stimulation. They are very useful as Oral Motor Tools.

The Ark’s Probe is one such product; which has helped many special needs children learn the essential oral motor skills.

Jaw Exercisers:

They’re used to exercise the jaws, for both the Asperger’s/Autism children, as well as those who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

They ‘grade’ the jaw by jaw movements, thereby ensuring that the speech sounds that the child develops are as close to the standard speech sounds as possible. These exercisers also stabilize the jaw and strengthen it symmetrically.

Talk Tools’ jaw exercisers are one of the biggest market leaders in the product segment; with their unique design and the groundbreaking results reported by their users.

Chewy Tubes:

They’re used to teach biting and chewing techniques to special needs children. Along with their use in teaching the initial motor skills, they are also used for jaw strengthening and development.

Chewy Tubes is the most trusted brand to supply the chewy tubes for the special needs children, with their versatile range of products and specifications offered.

Jaw Grading Bite blocks:

They are used for jaw grading, jaw stabilizing and ensuring that the jaw strength is developed in the symmetry.

Their applications can also be found in development of standard speech sounds, by teaching jaw positions and training the muscle memory accordingly.

Talk Tools offers a comprehensive range of jaw-grading bite blocks, for various diagnoses- from Down syndrome to Asperger’s and cerebral palsy.