Life-changing Android apps for autistic kids

Life-changing Android apps for autistic kids

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Special needs children, especially those with Autism, require structured and special kind of teaching and support that could make them able to cope with the social environment and enhanced their capability of understanding the cues of daily life. Although the practical training is the primary need to raise these kids but at the same time various supports like audio, video, pictorial album, TV are some essential part of their training program and more recently the use of computer and internet become almost mandatory. Android apps are the most useful support that would bring potential changes in training of these Autistic kids and the results are amazing.

Android Apps – Uses and Results

  • Color App for Autism/DTT developed by Dr. Gary Brown Color App helps the special needs children to learn about the basic colors. Discrete Trial Training, DTT, is the most important teaching method used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for educating numerous pre-academic and societal proficiencies among autistic children. To deal with the attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and to teach the color to children with autism; this app could be used as it has the potential to cover all these aspects not only for special needs children but for those also has a problem of staying on respective colors.
  • Children, who will be using this app, be able to study the colors in Chinese, English, French and in several other languages. At present, the start up, interface and configuration screens are only in English and other languages will be opening soon.
  • Finding and implication of the right therapy for a kid on the autism field can be awesome for their parents. The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has long history of scientific research proving its efficiency and is being recommended by Neurological and Mental Health institutes, apart from various apex bodies in different countries. However caregivers promptly learn that compliant therapists in ABA are costly and very hard to locate. There are people, with years of clinical practice as a Licensed Psychologist, are trying to provide economical ABA resources for caregivers, that might be helpful for them in their ABA practice. ABA and DTT help in increasing the child's probability of being in mainstream; it also increases happiness and as result gives hopes to respective parents.
  • The DTT App for developing ideas of colors is fully automatic program and has been tested through kids (with or without autism) at various Treatment Centers for children. This designing of this app is very simple with no disturbing stimulus for the reason that children with autism (and with other disorders) are easily got unfocused. The app is not designed as an all-purpose gaming program; rather it is essentially a training app for children with a particular type of learning disorder.

Some other DTT for Autism are:

  • DTT Colors
  • DTT Shapes
  • DTT Letters
  • DTT Numbers
  • DTT Site Words
  • DTT Animals
  • DTT People etc.