Know More on Pencil Grips to Help Children with Special Needs in Handwriting

Know More on Pencil Grips to Help Children with Special Needs in Handwriting

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Children with special needs may not share similarities with us but their different abilities undoubtedly make them special and precious. When we have someone special, we try to give the best things to them that they can live life with an ease. These children with special needs also need a special attention, especially those who are keen to learn. They equally read and write as we do. To make their learning smoother and effortless they should be given things, which make them comfortable with the learning objects, instead of putting them into discomfort.Correct Pencil Grips for Handwriting is important .The correct pencil grip is essential for good handwriting.

Many of us have bad handwritings. But, there are millions around the globe who has rather more than bad handwritings and that is not because they didn’t practice from their childhood, for many it is a sort of disability to write and grip while writing. In most of the cases, it has been observed that Dysgraphic children have an issue with their finger placements around the writing tools, like – pen or pencil. It often becomes painful for them to write. Where they are already struggling to write a small grip friendly object can relief them a bit.

Plastic made soft but strong grips have been found useful for these differently able children. They find those grips useful and comfortable while writing and these becomes more interesting when you offer them in various colors. With the colorful grips, they equally find interest in writing with their uncompromised comfort.

Few of the grips, which are useful for the children with special needs:

  • There are various types of grips available. Different grips for different users’ requirements. Bumpy Grips are designed such a way that, patients with grip issues can find it supportive while writing. It indulges writing eagerness and provides needful support to the writer. It is designed with quality polymer in a curved colorful look. The curved rim is settled with several dots on it. These dots provide extra support to the writers’ grip along with the curvy and slanted body pattern. This is an external supportive object, which settles on the body of the pencil and makes it comfortable in using by the special children.
  • These differently able children, who don’t understand the flat pencil structure and face difficulties while writing need to teach the way of writings with different grips helping them to learn the way of holding the writing objects. Pinch grip is one of them, created with smooth textured plastics with clear-cut turned curves, which helps to make the pinch grip and write easily.
  • Apart from Pinch Grip, two other grips are also available. Crossover grip is one of them. Crossover grip’s specialty is that it helps the writer to expand the fingers on the grip such a way that they can settle one finger after another easily and keep on writing without pushing hard. Crossover grip makes writing strain-free.

Apart from the discussed grips, classic round and triangle grips are also obtainable. It is not like, that the grips are overly formed for pencil uses only. Separate but functionally similar grips are also available for pens and heavy-duty pencils at the same time.