Know more about using Therapy Brush for Sensory Integration

Know more about using Therapy Brush for Sensory Integration

12 March 2020 Admin General Media

Children with sensory processing issues can benefit from sensory integration therapy, which exposes them to sensory stimulation in a structured and repeated manner. Children who experience too much or too little stimulation through their senses have trouble integrating information and find it difficult to feel comfortable and secure, and be open to learning and socialization.

Sensory integration therapy involves specific movement activities, resistive body work, and brushing of skin to help a child experience an optimal level of stimulation and regulation. This can help rewire the brain so that kids can appropriately integrate and respond to sensory input. This can also help them become more confident, successful and interactive in their explorations.

How does it work?

An occupational therapist can evaluate the child for sensory defensiveness and sensory cravings by using tests, and by asking for observations of the parents. Children are usually treated in a setting known as sensory gym which may contain equipment for sensory input.

Brushing can be a powerful tool for those children who show tactile defensiveness. It involves trying a routine called the Wilbarger Protocol, which involves using a soft-bristled brush applied in a specific way, to provide deep pressure, followed by joint compressions, several times a day.

The Therapressure Brush is an essential tool for treating sensory integration issues in children. This brush was specifically designed for the Wilbarger Protocol brushing program. The proprioceptive technique for this program helps reduce tactile defensiveness in children, who may also be extremely sensitive to touch. Using this technique has been found to be very effective in decreasing sensory defensiveness and anxiety. It can also help improve the ability to transition between daily activities, increase attention span, reduce fear or discomfort of being touched, enhances co-ordination, and promotes self-regulation.

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