Know more about different types of learning disabilities

Know more about different types of learning disabilities

06 December 2018 Admin General Media

Millions of children around the world have learning disabilities. There are various types of specific learning disabilities, related learning disorders, and mental health issues that can affect your child’s education and everyday life. Here’s a look at some types of learning disabilities:

  1. Learning Disabilities in Reading

Even with learning disabilities in reading, there are two broad categories. Learning disabilities in basic reading skills involve the foundational skills required to understand the relationship between letters, sounds, and the words they represent. Reading comprehension disabilities involve complex thinking skills such as understanding words, phrases, and larger meanings of passages. Dyslexia is also a kind of learning disability.


  1. Learning Disabilities in Writing

Learning disabilities in basic writing skills include neurologically-based difficulty with producing written words and letters. Expressive writing disabilities involve comprehending and organizing written thoughts on paper. If you suspect that your child has a learning disability, or other writing disorders such as dysgraphia, talk to their teacher about it and find out the right course of action.


  1. Learning Disabilities in Math

Sometimes, children may struggle with math calculation or problem-solving. This kind of learning disability is known as is known as dyscalculia. They may face issues in basic math, applied math skills and others. Meeting a special educator will help you determine if you need further assessment.


  1. Learning Disabilities in Language or Communication

There are several types of learning disabilities in language. Students with language-based learning disabilities may have difficulty with understanding or producing spoken language, or both. A receptive language disorder is a type of learning disability, affecting the ability to understand spoken, and sometimes written language.


  1. Behavior Disorder with Learning Disabilities

Sometimes, children with learning disabilities may also have certain behavioral problems. In some cases, problems with behavior may involve medical conditions such as attention deficit disorders. Behavioral issues may also result from frustration in learning, or learned because of environmental factors at school, home, or both.

Learning disabilities have nothing to do with how smart a person is. In fact, a person with learning disability may see, hear, or understand things differently. This can make every tasks, such as studying for a test or focusing more difficult. By adopting certain learning strategies, children can learn to cope better with these disabilities.