Know how handheld massagers help children with special needs

Know how handheld massagers help children with special needs

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

Massagers are not only for getting relief from body aches and to help the body unwind, they can also be used for children who have special needs. Handheld massagers work on the principles pf rhythmic vibrations which help soothe tangled nerves. Handheld massagers are great for dealing with situations of stress and periods of transition and travel. Gentle vibrations help children and teens with special needs (kids who are suffering from Autism and other such diseases that causes neural degeneration) to calm and soothe themselves when they think get very anxious or they think they are having a meltdown.Here you can know how handheld massagers help children with special needs.

How does massaging help children with special needs?

Children who suffer from developmental problems often feel a detachment from their environment. They do not like to be touched or cuddles as babies and are even have a repulsion towards certain food items. These arise from a series of tactile and defensive behaviours related to the nervous system. It is times like these that light sensations or touch, rather than extensive touching (which are over-stimulating for these children) are useful. Therapists suggest massage techniques that can be used to soothe the nerves of these children who cannot enjoy the natural degree of human touch. When these children will not allow any person to touch them, therapists and neurologists suggest that they should be trained to touch themselves while the other person helping him or her with a low voice for guiding them. Vibrations use a tense-relax-tense style to instil relaxation in these children.

How do you approach children with handheld massagers to help themselves?

When the focus becomes soothing children suffering from anxiety attacks and meltdowns, it should be remembered that it is of primary concern is to decrease his or her distractibility and hyperactivity and slowly ease it all out with a massage. While it is generally quite difficult to engage them in a full-body massage you can always try using the hand-held massagers in times of emergencies. Massaging them while asking them to engage in breathing exercises can help them to calm down. Also, along with the massaging it is important that the child is giving constant approval and acknowledgement when they practice the massaging on themselves.

Different handheld massagers that are available in the market for children with special needs

There are quite some varieties of handheld massagers from different manufacturers. Some noteworthy products are listed below.

  • The Roller Massager: This is one of the best massagers that can be self-help. It has a unique mycofascial release which enables deep tissue massage. It increases blood flow and helps circulation in targeted areas. It is easily portable. You can carry it in a bag while travelling so that your child can use it to relax himself.
  • The Massage Ball: It has a bumpy texture so that it gives a thorough massage through sensory stimulation. Its texture allows the child to release tension from all over the body as it can easily rolled over the skin. Because it looks like a playing object, children will find it better to use it.