Know to what extent video games can benefit Autistic children

Know to what extent video games can benefit Autistic children

21 July 2018 Admin General Media

An autistic child has to suffer from the constant pressure that bombards upon him in order to survive with the cultural norms of the society. Having an autistic child in the family forces the parents to experiment with different teaching methodologies in order to teach their children to fit with the normal human rigors. Autism is a type of neurological disorder that supports no curable treatment so far, therefore it’s extremely crucial for children with autistic children to adapt with different techniques to learn. However, recent advancement in research has revealed that video games can go a long way to help children of the autism spectrum to learn and develop their coordination skills.

The influence of such video games on children:

Kids around the age of 10 with autistic behaviors are attracted to the virtual vendor that provides them with a vast array of video games that is actually beneficial for their mental development. Although small, the improvement can be significant enough to counteract the negativities that force the parents to disband their children from playing video games. However, to help such children with special needs, a team of 35 USC students has developed a game, which is marketed under the identity of “Social Clues” that engages autistic children to social conversation, make eye contact while keeping them entertained with several witty puzzles and various activities.

The characters that are usually preferred by autistic children:

Children with associated behavioral problems are often found to be playing violent games that involve the activities of brutal combats. Such children are often in favor of playing with protagonist characters, that defines oppositional defiant behaviors. However, children who are inclined in playing sports games like soccer are often found to be less hyperactive.  Such games help to improve various skills like critical thinking and problem solving abilities of the children, which these children lack considerably.

The ways that the video games can benefit autistic children:

Video games have been a boon for improving every possible skill which an autistic child generally lacks. Here are some benefits that have been researched to develop while engaging them with various video games, which are enumerated as follows:

  • Improved concentration – The virtual world needs to be dealt with precise movements as the child has to anticipate the forthcomings. It improves their concentration and focus which are quintessential for mental upbringing.
  • Improved coordination – Video games are often related to proper coordination for eyes and hands. Often autistic children are diagnosed with shortcomings of coordination abilities are able to overcome their problems by playing games on touch devices.
  • Communicative skills – Some video games are associated with proper back and forth communications with the co-players which have a beneficial effect on improving the conversation abilities.
  • Think outside the box – The endless possibilities that the video games offer are extremely creative, which facilitates the children to create an imaginative world inside their cranium, that would help to nurture creative new ideas thus helping in mental development.
  • Increase confidence level – Video games often reward the winners with various bounties that helps to improve the confidence level of the autistic children, thus keeping intact their confidence which is beneficial while dealing with the real world problems.

 The virtual cafeteria has opened a huge world of motivation for the autistic children which helps to develop their life skills and tweak off their disabilities at their prime youth, so that they can fit with the cultural norms of the society.